A 6 miles of the Columbrete Islands, found BARRA ALTA it is the language of the volcano that offers many caves, Current and wildlife.

It is an underwater formation, result of an ancient magmatic slurry. When not emerge lava on the surface, it has been preserved by the erosive action of the elements.

Thus, it found large seamounts chains alternated with guns of great beauty. Arcos, Caves, upstanding formations etc, all wrapped in a water transparency absolute complete a table showing the underwater flora varied all the upholstery, will eventually captivate us with their beauty and colorful.

in BARRA ALTA podremos observe wildlife as davits, barracudas, chopas, mojarras, dentones, castanets, salpas, sargos etc.

The depth ranges from 15 and 35 m. making it accessible to the majority of divers. It is a place that can be current so we request a minimum experience of 20 dives.

The trips we make to BARRA ALTA are diving.

The meeting point is at our dive center, at the marina Sources, in Alcossebre, to 7:45 hours, documentations are checked and left at 8:00 h in the morning. The ride to the dive is 90 minutes.

The dives are always made with underwater guide. The first dive takes place on 10:00 h, There is a range of surface 1 Time to rest, have to take the food and around 12:30 performed the second dive. On return to port 16:00 h.

If you wish to rent snorkeling equipment for the amount of the entire team is 20 euros. It can also be rented for spare parts.

Obligatory bring driver's diving, INSURANCE dive into force and minimum experience 20 dives.

PRICE: 120 euros per person
SCHEDULE: of 8 am to 4 afternoon