The volcanic archipelago of the ISLANDS COLUMBRETES, constituent 4 small islets: The Big, Ferrera, Foradada and Carallot. This is Natural Park from 1988 and Marine Reserve from 1994, environment 4400 protected by the Rural and Marine Affairs Ministry hectares. They are located at 27 nautical miles of Alcossebre, Castellón.

There 3 habitat types:

Seagrass meadows, very important because they are places of refuge, feeding and breeding of marine organisms.

The maerl beds, composed of calcareous algae, sign of water quality and protection of the.

AND rocky bottoms where live red lobster, large and unique red gorgonian populations in the Mediterranean.

There are plenty of fish in the COLUMBRETES as nacre, mere, corbas, gilded, lights, brunettes,cabrillas, serranos, green fish, castanets, salmonetes, bogavantes, barracudas, corvinas, cabrachos, blankets, sponges and large species of groupers and lobsters.

Sometimes you can enjoy the presence of bottlenose dolphins and sunfish. The bottom and the waters are characterized by the extraordinary beauty, excellent degree of wealth and conservation.

The trips we made to the ISLANDS COLUMBRETES, are snorkeling and diving,

The meeting point is at our dive center, Deportivo Sources of Alcossebre port to 7:45. and went out to the 8 Morning, journey time 90 minutes.

Dives are always performed in conjunction with an underwater guide. The first dive takes place on 11:00 h. There are a range of surface 2 hours to rest, have to take the food and around 14:00 h. performed the second dive. Return to the port to 18:00 hours.

You can rent snorkeling equipment, for loose parts or complete equipment the price is 20 euros.

Regulations Nature Reserve, requires us to the island and bring original documents into force. The guards checked the documentation.

Mandatory to carry the island:

D.N.I. - Diving CARD - CERTIFIED MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE (download by clicking here) – Diving insurance — boya deco

LOG BOOK with 25 minimal immersions (for all degrees), the last dive made within 12 previous months. (B.O.E. of 02.01.09)

PRICE: 150 euros per person
SCHEDULE: of 8 am to 6 afternoon




    • The suspension for weather reasons is unique decision BARRACUDA DIVING.
    • If suspended for weather reasons may be changed to another date or repayment of the financial reserve will be held.
    • All outputs are subject to a minimum group 8 people. With the barracuda boat FOUR minimum is 10 people.
    • If the activity has to be canceled for technical reasons will be refunded the amount paid.
    • BARRACUDA DIVING could advance the return to port by changing the state of the sea and safety.
  • Less than 7 days from the date the amount of the reserve will not be returned .